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Default Re: New Ink

Originally Posted by Fat Elvis View Post
not too much pain in most places. Definitely you can handle it -- this was my first and we took no breaks -- just straight through. In fact, the color went on immediately after the black. The outer arm is far more tough than the tender under-arm that i placed mine on. Even still, i only winced where it got close to the joint on my wrist, my vein on my wrist and where the blue star started wrapping around the other side of my arm.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, as my daughter says. I love it -- cant wait for my next one. Now that i know what to expect (the pain is FAR less than you think), i am excited!!! I am only going to ink my left arm. My right arm will remain untouched. I plan on all my future tats having meaning as well.... you will never regret putting something on your body that means something to you. At least i dont think. I waited 38 years for my first.... do it while you can do it. Live life with no regrets!

thanks for your kind words.
cool, I kinda figured that, i always envisioned it as getting shot with a shotgun at close range then i dunno kicked rapidity in the wound. It will be my first as well, I will post it when i get it on thursday. just remember to keep yours clean!

Cheers man. i'm am doing what your doing, but on my right, and mostly above the t-shirt line.

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