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Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
Hello SRJ.

I used to write for drum magazines. With this in mind I feel it important to mention the editing process. I doubt that what we read in any interview is word for word. I only realized later when editing an interview for the first time how easily it is for one's words to say something other than what was meant. The writer may not even be aware of how the editing may affect readers until after. I tend to take them with a grain of salt and certainly never personally.
Exactly. I'm a drummer and also a Jazz critic, and I once did an interview with a Jazz piano player for an issue of PLAYBOY Magazine Japanese edition, featuring the guide of New York City for tourists. I had a lot of limitations regarding with the number of pages, theme of that issue's feature, etc. so I had to "edit" his words quite drastically. Actually I had to cut the most interesting and deepest part of his talk - it was his opinion about educating younger musicians - because it didn't have a direct link to the theme, i.e. the tourist guide.
I think in many cases what the media wants to publish or broadcast and what the interviewee wants to say is quite different.
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