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Originally Posted by n2xlr8n View Post
I just wish he had taken a more tactful approach. Instead, he came off as bitter.

I agree. WTTL.

Hello SRJ.

I used to write for drum magazines. With this in mind I feel it important to mention the editing process. I doubt that what we read in any interview is word for word. I only realized later when editing an interview for the first time how easily it is for one's words to say something other than what was meant. The writer may not even be aware of how the editing may affect readers until after. I tend to take them with a grain of salt and certainly never personally.

My interpretation of much of what was said is that drumming is being denegrated to the level of sport by those running the 3 minute drumming mile. I wholly agree 100%. These people, in my own opinion, are doing an artform a great disservice. It gives us a bad name as non musicians. Something we have always had to battle against since the riverboat days.
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