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Originally Posted by franki182 View Post
travis barker is the reason i started drumming. im not gonna say hes god or anything because i much prefer drummers like thomas lang or benny greb, but i like listening to alot of punk and alternative music. lets face it, there are alot of drummers out there who are quite boring to listen to. listening to travis drum is quite refreshing because hes very creative. its much better than listening to alot of the crap on the billboard 100 nowadays.
Yeah i will say that he has made up some pretty crazy stuff on drums and thats what i like about him is that he doesn't play the same thing over and over again like some drummers that i have heard. But yeah he also is over rated by a lot of people out there that don't know anything about drumming or other drummers out there. And most of those people don't even play drums.
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