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When I first saw Vinnie(Weckl, Gadd, Colaiuta soloing), I was not so impressed."Good drummer,nice technique" etc. THen I saw his videos on youtube, playing with Jeff Beck. I started to like him more and more. FInally I decided to download his Zappa albums like Joe's Garage and Shut Up Play Yer' Guitar. And he changed my thinking about drums...
I've never thought that someone could do something so diffrent, his drumming on albums is incredibly intresting. When I had listened those albums about 15 times, I started to analyze each and every song. Concluison, my new favourite drummer. Then I asked from my drum teacher(he is a very good drummer and super teacher!) "how is it possible to play something like that"? He said "his echniqual abilty allows him to play everything in every way." This has made me thinking music in diffrent way.

Thanks Vinnie, that you chose drumming!!!
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