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Originally Posted by BKir2000 View Post
Hey Billy - I am not getting any acces to a drum set at the moment and it is driving me mad. Excuse my ignorance but can you explain how to play (what you call) the 28th (or 27th!) rudiment that you played on the dvd? I agree that it is so good that everyone should learn it - so I am (trying)!
On the practice pad I think I am doing it, but won't be happy until I know for sure.
It makes a difference to me when the sticking/technique is explained. For example, the reverse snare thing was fine - but even better when you explained the sticking (i.e. five stroke roll) then I knew it was correct. Thanks.
Everybody does that differently. In my case - it is REALLY slurpy. I basically am playing a five stroke roll - but, instead of two strokes per hand, it is multiple buzzy notes so it's:

(R) single hit on tom
and at the same time: (L) on snareLLLllllllll
followed by (R): (R) on snareRRRrrrrrrr
then: (single hits on snare) L R, R

sounds like - Booodabop Bop!
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