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Giant was formed by top studio guys back in 1989. They released 3 albums, the last one in recent years made of unreleased tracks from "Last Of The Runaways" (1990) and "Time To Burn" (1992).

Dann Huff (gt/voc) was one of the top L.A. studio guys until the mid-90's where he moved back to Nashville where he originally comes from. He has been a top producer in Nashville ever since.

Mike Bringandello (bass) is a top studio guy in Nashville and be found on counteless country/country rock records.

Alan Pasqua (keys) was also a top studio guy in L.A. He now teaches and tour with his own projects.

David Huff is, unless I am mistaken, involved in Christian music around Nashville. He produces and programms. His list of credits on is rather short and does not mention the first two Giant records which is surprising as this is probably is major claim to some sort of fame.
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