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Originally Posted by cjl71178
I just get so tired of everyone saying that he sucks, or that he isn't good, or that he is mediocre....but never comming to the table with solid facts about thier so-called opinon. Especially when they have never truly heard or seen him play. Like I said...I think most of it is a bandwagon deal. Its seems to cool to bash him and his lifestyle! Heck, thats what happens when someone is as huge as he is. Kinda like that highschool way of thinking. I have looked at the "ages of most" of the people making the negative comments and they are in thier low 20's or teens. Also they are growing up with a diffent era of drummers too and that has alot to do with taste. If they think that he isn't very good or just medioce.....why aren't they on tour selling out arenas or amphitheaters with thier band? And don't say to me that you got bills to pay, or you don't have the time to practice, or its a fad, or that your band hasn't been found yet, or the music industry isn't ready......just simply say...that you and your band are not that good and Tommy Lee and his band are. "Welcome to the world of Motley Crue." 24 years...and still selling out arenas. Why don't you go and see why they will come back with a different opinon. Make your dreams come true instead of bashing those that have!
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