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Originally Posted by hookedup View Post
War, on Rare Trax, is actually programmed using samples from his set, using the Drumkit From Hell. But yeah, the drum sound on the track is incredible.

Anyone else use DFH for any programming that I can hear, cause I'd like to hear it's use outside of the Meshuggah realm.


Hey, I use DFH for all my computer related solo stuff. I'm still learning how to get good sound and everything from it, but I get better with it every time I make a new song. So people check out my songs at and tell me what you think. Any constructive criticism or DFH tips would be greatly apprectiated.

BTW, They don't call it the Drumkit from Hell for nothing. I freakin eats my computer! I can't even listen to what I work on unless I export it as an Mp3!


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