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Default Re: My kit, not much but it doest the trick

Originally Posted by Davidb59 View Post
This is the exact same kit/ finish (Topaz laquer) as I have but not the cymbals unfortunately. One day it'd be nice to upgrade the cymbals. How do you find the kit for gigging?
It is.... a pain. I've gotten into a routine where I can set it up in about 7 minutes, but I have carrying all of that stuff around. Unfortunately I can't change the topic name, fore when I started the thread I was very angry at my kit. I still hate the cabria's, but that is because I greatly dislike the tone which my drum sizes give me (I wish my toms were deeper.) One problem I noticed with the Pearl snare drum is that it goes out of tune rather quickly because the batter head will become loose. It still produces a great sound though, no doubt about that.
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