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Default Re: Neil Peart-The Analog Kid

Originally Posted by Pocketman View Post
I'm listening to The Analog Kid from Signals right now. I can't believe how great a track it is to this day. It's not one of Rush's more popular songs nor is it a real Peart fill showcase, but I think it's the best straight forward track he ever did. On this (and on all of Signals for that matter) you can really hear him "digging-in and smacking the snare.

Thoughts? Opinions?
I actually think thats some of Alex's best guitar work...some of my friends who aren't Rush fans even like that one....

Signals was a real transition album and I'm kinda torn between liking it...some songs have cool riffs in them but some parts just don't on Digital Man the shuffle groove and the little reggae riff and solo breakdown are sweet but the hook is horrible and the keys don't fit....

IMO - Chemistry is the best cut on there .....transitions are smooth and all the grooves work well together....and I like the lyrics too....

I actually dig the synth stuff (which alot of true fans don't) its just Signals sounded like an experiment to me....much more into Power Windows and Hold Your Fire....better song structure and balance between keys and guitar..

Good point about the snare...he's really crackin it....
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