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OK, Here's another point of view. I'm almost 50 years old. By the time Motley Crue hit, I was what in my thirties. Did I spell their name right? I dunno. I hardly know any of their songs. Let's see "Girls Girls Girls", and didn't they cover "Smokin' In The Boys Room" and "We're Not Going To take it? , no that was Quiet Riot, I think. As for Tommy, I like his drumming. I've seen and heard him on MTV. Last year sometime Direct TV ran a Crue concert but Tommy was missing. They had that beautiful girl Samantha playing pink sparkle Sonors. She was delightful but she was not filling Tommy's shoes. I like Roxy better, she's hot. I have to admit that I watched "Tommy Lee Goes To College" too. Well as a TV show, it was pretty funny and way better then the Tommy & Pam video...jeez. I never had Band in High School. We were so poor we didn't even have a football team. So I never got the advantage of being in marching band. Tommy seemed like he did. He strapped on those five drums and after a day of being a little rusty, he was playing as tight as the rest of the drumline. It seemed to me anyway. I think he's a pretty good drummer and he thinks young which I think more of us older guys should do. Now where the hell is my custom set of Tommy Lee DWs I was supposed to win? Did anybody actually win that kit or what? Matt
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