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Default drummerworld in drum! magazine

i received the april 2007 issue of drum! magazine a few days ago. inside was an article entitled

"a cyber-slacking guide to online drum lessons". sure enough, drummerworld was one of the featured sites

(as was our own derrick pope's

here's the write up in it's entirety:

"Don't know about Drummerworld? That's like saying you don't know about the microwave oven! Bernhard Castiglioni's site is a cyber-mall for free hero worship, mostly, but he also has a great clinic section full of lessons. Many of the artists featured at Drummerworld have clips from their educational DVDs, and Castiglioni has a page for shopping and buying educational DVDs and books. We believe that most visitors go to Drummerworld for the same reasons we do: cool pictures and videos of great drummers. But we might do a lesson next time we're there. Maybe."
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