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just a bit of info about his trigger usage from Tama's website. He's commenting on trigger usage, how much he uses them.
Raymond: Yeah, every Fear Factory record. We used a little bit on the first record. And like every record is a little different. You know, it was maybe 50/50 on the second record, maybe 70/30 on the third record… and so on and so forth. But I always add it in there, and the reason is once you’re dealing with a digital signal you can pretty much ride it as high or as low as you want, especially with frequencies, as opposed to with a microphone. So essentially what it does is allow you to get the definition from the sound, and you actually get to hear everything that I’m playing. Whereas with the microphone, you’ve got so much you can go with on the low mid-range and only so much you can go on the high mid-range. With the digital signal, you can crank either one. So what we do is use the trigger for the high end and the low end, and we use the mic’ to kind of give it the body. So we get the full spectrum of the microphone. And that’s just the way we do it, and that’s what we’ve been doing since… I don’t know, for a long time now (laughs).
He goes on to say he always mixes mics and triggers.
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