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I like to cram a lot in a little space. When I got my new drum set in August, I started reconfiguring things and I discovered I could conserve space by removing the legs from my hihat stand and securing it to a cymbal stand. This is a fairly easy modification that saves space and weight.

Side view. The stand is an old Tama double-braced stand from 1985, the oldest item on the drum set. This stand has been with me for a long time and I wanted to use it, so I got a Dremel and carefully ground off the rivets holding the legs to the collars. I could re-assemble the legs if I ever needed to.

Close-up of the clamping system. It's an old CB700 cast aluminum clamp, mid-1980s vintage. They sure made some tough gear back then. I put Vecro inside the clamp jaws and on the cymbal and hihat stands. This marks the correct position for fast setup, protects the chrome and keeps the grip rock-solid.

Front view.

As used in the set. The control pedal for a foot-operated talking drum is on the left, while a DW5000 percussion foot pedal is on the right. I wouldn't have the room for all these pedals with a conventional tripod stand, or even a two-leg stand, owing to the proximity of the very large ride cymbal stand.
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