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Originally Posted by cicatrizoo
I'm really suprised we haven't seen a Tool Dvd released. I hear there's one from the Lateralus Tour in the works
This has been an ongoing soap-opera of confusion since 2001. I am a member of T.A. (ToolArmy) and there has been "official" releases stating that there is going to be one, and there has been "official" releases stating that there is not going to be one. "Officially" it was supposed to be released in November in 2003, then it was said to be released in August 2004, and the latest news is......the bands management and label are not sure about releasing a DVD becuase of concerns that its not going to be profitable.

Anyways...did you get to see the Lateralus tour? There is not going to be much to show on that DVD becuase you can hardly see the band with the way the stage show was. It was all lights and digital images projected onto 3 screens with no spotlights on TOOL's members. They pretty much played in the dark, and all you could see was thier sillouettes. Why yes...the band was visual a little bit....It might not be a good thing to release onto DVD. That was a great show by the way...I loved every minute of it and saw them 3 times on that tour, but you have to might not come off well on DVD...cuz the show kinda goes against what DVD is about...(Showing the band on T.V.),,,right?

Lets just face it.....its impossible to ever guess what Tool is going to do or not going to do. In my opinon....they are not a band that cares about a DVD release or matters like that. When they create new music for another album....they will do thier parts indvidually, and when they all agree that they all like what the others have shown one-another through sent email files......then they will decide to get into the studio. Plus..every member has side projects that they appear to be very busy with. There have been "official releases" around about a new CD for the last year. Then there are "official releases" saying that now its a unsure thing.

As much as I love TOOL and Danny Carey....they are like ghost....and when they re-appear...everyone will know. Until then...we have to continue to love the stuff that they have already released. I know I am satisfied with everything they have done.......but I would love to see whats next...cuz we know its gonna be great.
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