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Originally Posted by NPK
I think his best playing is done on the '94 album with John Corabi (songs like Hooligan's Holiday and
Misunderstood are super challenging to play and worth a listen).
Very good point! He really showed a different style to his drumming. Quite a bit more technical and rough sounding.

And...NouveauCliche....I do agree that the drum-cage s not a way to measure a drummer skills. It is a tribute to how awsome of a showman he is and how he thinks...which is something to say about the type of drummer he is.

Wether or not people want to admit it....Tommy Lee has had a larger influence than most on rock drumming. When I mention Blink 182 and Lamb Of God...I should have been more clear in my statement by saying.......I have seen T.L.'s name appear on threads with these guys in a comparing battle. Not just T.L., but alot of drummers. can try to compare them....but its not going to go anywhere...cuz you could never settle that debate becuase they are totally different styles, and its opinons that flare on questions of comparisson.

All in all......I think the best drummer on the the one "who is having the most fun and has the largest smile on his face."
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