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Originally Posted by meshuggah1324 View Post
New video clips from the Bass N' Drum Festival 2006.

Scroll down just a bit once you click on the link. Tomas has 3 video clips and he's second below Zoro. Haake also has his own signature stick now.
Those video's are really great, Tomas' playing is so fluid and and precise... I was really suprised his second cymbal stand w/ stacker didn't fall off the podium in the 3rd video... anyways, I would upload these to youtube like I did with the 3 video's of him and Dick playing at DrummerLive, but part 2 and 3 are too big, and window's movie maker (it's the only program I have) doesn't support .mov because it's apple...

here are the direct link's to the video's, great watch, very suspenseful when you can see his headphones slipping off!
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