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In my opion one of the greatest drummers of all time, Fool In The Rain, When The Levee Breaks, Poor Tom all great grooves. Moby Dick...out of this world and Good Times Bad Times with all the triplets and his lightning fast foot. And D'yer Maker the very first Zeppelin song i could play. One thing i loved about John Bonham is that all his drums seem to fit in the song. Any other comments on John Bonham

p.s. My first post :)
I would of loved to see JB's interpretation of RUSH songs. His drum sound was as much a signature of LZ as Plant's voice. I wonder what Distant Early Warnung would sound like with the JB touch. Both NP and JB are influenced by great jazz drumming, but they each went to opposite ends of the spectrum with their own developed style. Are there any Bonham clones out there that could put a Bonham type feel to a RUSH song. If so, I think it would be awesome.

What would Neil do with Matchbox by the Beatles??
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