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I agree with NaturalRaz. Is Tommy the most technically proficient? Probably not, but Motley's music doesn't really lend itself to that type of playing. That said, most of Tommy's licks on the Motley records are heavy, in-the-pocket type grooves that are perfect for the song. Stick a Mike Portnoy or someone of that caliber behind the kit on a Motley song and you're not going to get the unique feel Tommy's playing has. I think his best playing is done on the '94 album with John Corabi (songs like Hooligan's Holiday and
Misunderstood are super challenging to play and worth a listen). It's a shame his personal life overshadows his playing. I guess that's what you get for marrying Pam Anderson. Is he the best rock drummer out there? Obviously not. However, I'd argue he's one of the better rock drummers of our time and he's perfect for the Crue. Anyway, my two cents are in.
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