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Default SSF Returns from Brazil.


SteveSmithFan here; WOW! 7 months I spent in Rio De Janeiro teaching English. I return. And D.WORLD forum is back.
I have some new Zildjians. All K's from the Constantinople and K Custom line.
Steve Gadd is doing a clinic in 2 days. I'm going!! Zildjian is selling some new prototypes, that are not even out yet, at the clinic.
I recorded a drumsolo in my studio last night. It's in 5. I'll post it in the next month or so. My playing is rusty. So please no harsh criticisims of my solo. I have a handicap of 7 months no practice! I'll buy some Zildjian Prototypes at the Gadd clinic. That should make me sound better!! HAHA!!
I'll tell you about the clinic.

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