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I hate putting just one thing on a stand. I saw I could use the built-in clamp on my tom stand to hold something, so this is what I came up with.

I started with 3/8 rod, then welded an 8mm (standard cymbal size) bolt to one end and threaded the other end for an extra-long nut. I cut plastic tubing to cover the bolt and prevent keyholing. I use Slicknuts and glue the felt to the washers, minimizing parts and fumbling during set-up and take-down.

This shows the LP Ice Bell and Pete Englehart agogo bells attached. After careful measurement, I put a bend in the rod.

The extra-long nut fits inside the tom stand clamp and holds the instruments securely. Because this is 3/8 inch rod, I can mount any standard percussion item to it - cowbells, blocks, tambourines, etc.

How it appears from above.
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