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Default Harvey Mason

Always loved his playing. Amazing feel, and makes the simplest fill sound so good and well suited to a particular song. He never hits them too hard, sometimes v. delicate which I like. One of my fave traks of his is 'Danger' off Don Grusins 10kla album. Quite an over electronicly sounding album but his playing shines through at its best I think. On that track there are some fills towards the end just simple 2e,and,a on the snare and racks and its just soo amazing, not clinical, just so personal and really letting the groove be heard (N.East on really nice bass track). Love his stuff with ritenour too, like on the video on here. Also check out him on 'Grand piano canyon' for Bob James. First track is quality, again with N.East.

Any other fave tracks by him?...

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