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Originally Posted by BKir2000 View Post
Billy, just taken up drums after a long time out and bug is as big as ever. Amazed with the amount of instruction and videos available on the web and just watched your dvd last night - I wish there had been such dvd's etc when I was younger!!
Anyway I know the dvd is full of great technical stuff, but it is so musical and explained in such an easy way it seems do-able - so it is a great inspiration....although the doing will have to come later! My left foot is saying NO WAY as I write!!
My question since you speak of feel, colour, and experimentation on different instruments and with different 'sticks' (and also since I cannot get an accoustic set at home due to noise) I wondered if you had ever played on an electronic kit and what your opinion of them is. It is not a question based on the fact that I think you would be able to programme the kit to produce weird and wonderful voices, it is just the opposite - the fact that you may not be able to use different parts of the drumhead and invent different sounds the way you do manually on an accoustic kit and build up these colours.
Thanks - all the best!
In the mid 80s, I was ALL OVER electronic drums. I made my own pads (billy pads- like Billy Beer :D ) and bought one of the earliest simmons SDS7 elect. brains to enter the US. Boy, was THAT a Piece of &#@^!!!

Somewhere around 1985 or '86, I discovered ddrums and went on board with them as an artist (still paid for the stuff, which was ridiculously expensive back then). I enjoyed playing them - played a kti of ddrums on a tour with Bill ?Evans Supergroup. the electronics work best for me if they are doing electronic things - and NOT trying to sound acoustic.
Nowadays, it is always the real deal for me. Though I have a e-kit at my upstate house. it was sent in for an evaluation by me - and the bass drum pad broke before I could even play it! :D HAHA... I won't say the name because I don't want to cause any embarassment fro anyone.
for people who need to keep it quiet, pads are good. BUT... (and it's a big Sophie Tucker kind of but)...the real drum is completely different - so going back and forth could be weird/difficult. But e-drums are fun and they don't drive the other people in or near your house crazy- so I can dig them !!! With good programming skills on an electronic kit, the color concept can go WAY beyond anything that is possible acoustically - THIS is where the fun is for the e-drums in my case. I honestly wish I had a nice set myself for certain times.
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