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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
You rock Billy! You're the Captain Crunch of hi-hat work.

....Is this something that even someone at your insane skill level deals with? Is it possible to be completely satisfied with your playing?

- David
Hi David,

It's good to be the "something " of hi hats! :D Though, I thought it was Cap'n Crunch (and NOT captain crunch) HAHA!!

And yeah... I pretty much always hate myself. I see flaws in everything. Though, at times, I enjoy the spirit of the music - which makes it (to me) a special drum track or music moment.
But I always wish to improve. Sometimes, the other band members are praising me and I'm cringing with disbelief - wondering if they are "having me on" as the Brits would say..

Thanks! -and keep it up!

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