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Default Re: About the Passion (Part II)

As I said, the deadly internet ate my longer post last night, but I wanted to make sure to voice my support for a great store. Even if I hadn't been told "well we don't really have all our inventory in yet" I would have been impressed. I was all the more impressed when he told me that most of the good cymbals were on the display kits, which - at 5'6" I couldn't see! There were still plenty of great looking cymbals on the floor, a K Custom Flat Ride, and a pair of Sabian HH Fusion hats caught my eye, and I was convinced to even try out the ZHTs. I will admit they really do sound like a legit musical instrument! There were some really cool snares, including some of the small diameter/large depth snares that have been intriguing me lately. I also saw my first "in person" GMS kit.

To top it off, unlike the two local bignames, these guys actually had all their sticks in the right slots and out on the sales floor. I'd been looking to move up to something heavier than the 7As I've been using, but not all the way to a 5A (I know, I know, look at the big meathead with his itty bitty widdle sticks) - he actually had the Weckl and Zoro Vic Firth Sig models in their correct slots. Picked up a pair of each! Looking forward to a longer look around this weekend.
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