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Default Joseph "Zigaboo" Modeliste

One of two GLARING absences on the "drummers" forum.
(at least it looks that way, I searched "Zig"; "Zigaboo" "Modeliste"; as well as "Modelist"; "Modeleste"; and "Modelest" just to make sure, and got zero hits)

If you like funk,
if you like kicka** rock and roll with wailing guitar, keyboard and even an actual good bass solo,
if you like crazy, every bar different from the last, but every bar keeping the same groove linear-but-not-linear drumming,
then you owe it yourself and to the craft of drumming to check out Zig. I think the best starting point, for pure energy and to hear the full spectrum of all that is Zig, would beUptown Rulers: The Meters Live on The Queen Mary.
Any of the Meters anthologies would be a great second, and also check out some of the New Orleans artists who the Meters backed as a studio band, like Lee Dorsey (immortalized in the Beastie Boys' line "Everything I do is Funky like Lee Dorsey.")

Zigaboo's Own Webpage

Drummerworld's Zig' page

The Meters!

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