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Default Re: Virgil Donati

I would have to agree with Aidan that Virgil can groove and groove very well.
Check out the Tina Arena stuff....

Also, I guess he's best know for the more complicated playing. He may actually enjoy playing it too.. in which case there's really nothing wrong with it.

I have varied musical taste. Sometimes I'm in the mood to listen to Planet X or Virgil's solo albums... sometimes, it's King's X, sometimes it's Buddy Rich, sometimes it's Chick Corea, sometimes it's the Black Crowes, sometimes it's classical music, sometimes it's The Police, sometimes it's Led Zepplin, sometimes it's Jamiroquai.....etc... (lot's more)

I read through some of the thread.... and some of it seems more like a critique of a musical style... maybe some people don't like that style of music. That's great.

Music is about personal taste, I'm not sure if that gets forgotten from time to time.

If anyone wants to hear a different side of Virgil's playing, check out the toned down gigs.
Yves Arsenault
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