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Originally Posted by nate
each to there own i guess. AFD is an amazing rock album i think - and record sales prove it - the album stills sells by the bucket load every year...and IMHO i like the drumming on it. sure it's easy. real easy. but it fits the song. well. really well - yeah i know you could play it with one hand if needs be...but i still like it. Matt - yeah sure he's a 'better' player - but his drum sound isn't for soul...and his drums lines always struck me as average - he didn't try anything orginal (IMO!!). but hey...

i guess it don't really matter - sorum is good. but i missed simple steve.
Unfortunately that is the opinion that most fans tend to have which is a shame, as Adler really wasn't good at all as I will state once again. At least he only drummed on one track on the Use Your Ilusion albums (Civil War), Sorum did the rest and you can tell!

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