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Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
I still don't get it with the "who is better, faster than who thing".
It's a basic fact that Jason is a KILLER drummer, KILLER person, and KILLER friend.
If any of you want to beat up on anybody....
Start doing this crap to the OTHER instrumentalist who stand on stage with us!
(Not that I condone such behavior! LOL.)
thats a GREAT idea lets start to pick on the other musicians LOL
we as drummers are supposed to STICK together.
Unfortunately speed has and will always be an isuue for some drummers in comparison.
Yes Jason and Chris are both good drummers and should not be compared but drummers will always compare their heroes with so snd so...LOL

drummers as a rule are still going to be more excited by dennis chambers blazing around the kit than Bernard Burdie doing his purdie shuffle both are valid and none is better than the other just different.....
we have all heard the crowd go nuts when a drummer does a blazing fill.....
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