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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

You rock Billy! You're the Captain Crunch of hi-hat work.

Here's my question:
At your level are you really satisfied with your playing? I find that the better I get, the more I realize that I need to improve in. It's kind of haunting. When I first started drumming I didn't even really think I'd truly become interested in it, I played guitar and I played drums in the school band to pass time and secure my position as guitarist in the school Jazz band. When I got my first drum-set I went "Hey, once I can play basic rock stuff I'll be content!" But, now, a couple years later drums have become more of main instrument to me than the guitar and it seems like I can never reach a satisfying goal cause I'm always pushing myself to be better and better. I'm now at a level that I would have never dreamed of reaching when I started out, and when I look back at anything I've done in the past I cringe...

Is this something that even someone at your insane skill level deals with? Is it possible to be completely satisfied with your playing?

- David

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