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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

Originally Posted by altered_beast View Post
Hello there, your kit looks really cool, I bet it sounds pretty interesting too. Unfortunately I am at work right now, so please allow me to apologise for not listening to the Terrasonus clips or reading through the thread in it's entirety, but I would like to ask you a couple of questions regarding your snare, since I am considering having an ironwood snare made later this year, after my aluminium one.

How thick is the shell of your snare? Would I be right to assume it is loud? I read that ironwood is one of the hardest and most dense woods in the world, and this is why I became interested in it as a material for a snare drum. I want to create a very thick shelled drum, possibly up to an inch thick. Is yours solid shell? If it's possible, that's the route I'd like to go down, I think.

Any help or advice much appreciated!!


Sorry to take so long to respond. I seem to recall you starting a thread about solid-shell drums recently.

The shell of the snare (and all the drums) is about a half-inch, which is pretty thick for a drumset, but thin-to-average for a hand drum. I love it! The sound is strong and compelling. The drum is extremely sensitive - I swear if you blow on the batter head, you can hear the snares. Ironwood is prized for musical instruments, mainly flutes and guitars, and it also makes incredible drums.

I would encourage you to get a drum with an inch-thick shell. The people at will work with you on that. Yeah, it would be heavy, but that's what double-braced hardware is for.
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