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Well I'm finally gonna get in on this. Tomas Haake is a genius. This band is absolutely brilliant. They are brutal, technical, and manage to groove through it all. I saw somebody mention how quite abit of their stuff is in 4/4, and yes this seems to be the case (but while some is in 4/4, there is still alot that isn't). But the things they do over 4 beats... its amazing. It seems to me that there is some use of various permutations throughout, taking rhythmic figures over the bar-line and toying with your mind as you listen in a stupor.

This band never ceases to amaze me. I've only really messed with learning a few songs by Meshuggah, however, such as Stengah, Closed Eye Visuals, and Shed (after learning Dance of Eternity by Dream Theater, some of Meshuggah's stuff doesn't seem too bad but there are some songs that I still won't even venture into =P)
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