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I will have to agree that Cindy B. is a good drummer just check out some clips of her playing on drummerworld! Now as far as the gender issue goes I do not understand what the difference is concerning ability? Cindy can play really good and as far as Hilary Jones goes her technique is very good! She has a clip here at drummerworld that shows exactly how good she is - one handed rolls on the snare drum while using both feet and her other hand doing something else! Hilary does her groove so fast that I had to watch her several times to pick it out myself that womwn has some really fast sticks! Hilary Jones groove check it out! The best correct form I have seen so far! (mind you i have not seen everyone play yet) But so far Hilary has the number one spot with me! And Cindy her clip is too dark to really tell?
"It's all about stick control with the least amount of arm movement."
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