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Allan Holdsworth
Jeff Richman
Frank Gambale
Bunny Brunel
Mitch Forman
Mick Jagger
Dave Stewart
Brett Garsed
Steve Vai
Billy Sheehan
Dean Taba
Steve Weingart
Branford Marsalis
Scott Hendersen
Gary Willis
Tony Macalpine
Tina Arena
Mike Keneally
Jon Stevens
Rufus Philpot
Vivien Lalu
Neal Schon
Marco Mendoza

Just a SMALL list of the incredibly diverse musicians Virg has and still works with. This list does not even include most of the pop/rock/r&b artists that Virg worked with many years ago. Some still do not get it? What you see at a clinic is not representative of what CERTAIN artists are capable of doing. For some maybe not for Virg and other drummers.
Why do the MAJORITY of guys go to see Virg in clinic. Very simple to see what elevates him vastly over most drummers, outrageous technique and concepts, simple as that. He is not there to sound like Bernard Purdie or Carlos Vega. He knows ait and most in attendance obviously know it. Some still do not want to get that fact. But make no mistake
he can and does play pretty much anyway he wants to. Again not that it matters a great deal to him. Who knows how much it matters.

He can play great r&b/pop with Tina Arena and he can play heavy fast instrumental Ala Steve Vai, he can do the very complex progressive rock/fusion of Planet X and he can lay down simple and straight forward pop tracks for a movie score with Jagger and Stewart and he can go to India as of recent and tear it up with Brunel, Gambale and Mitch Forman an incredible fusion band. THAT is reality not what some would like reality to be for Virgil Donati. Oh and by the way he is doing a 4 month stadium tour in Europe with some really popular French artist this spring and summer. The guy stays so busy his head is spinning. For a guy who cannot groove and only can do extreme clinics he has seemed to build a resume that far surpasses even most of the so called groove drummers who do not play with half the artists and have half the gigs that Virg has. My gosh the guy constantly has half a dozen projects he is working with in the backdrop that nobody knows about.
Oh well I think he is too busy making great music with great musicians to worry about what some guys who obviously need to practice and get more work and with not even 10% of his past and current resume think of his ability.
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