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Default Re: Vinnie COLAIUTA

I read the recent Vinnie article in Modern Drummer and loved it. He's being honest and really, the big picture is that he is a hired gun and only has to impress the people he's working for. Also, he's making a living at it and in my opinion, has nothing to prove.
Sometimes we fans put these pros on such a high platform that it's almost taboo if they slant left or right of popular opinion. That's kinda our fault in a way. Vinnie can play it simple are stretch it to the limit. That's not a fault, that's a gift. There will always be people that believe less is more or more is greater but if you can do it all, (and Vinnie can), no one should have a hang up with what he said in that article or how he plays on recordings or live. That issue of Modern Drummer has to be my favourite in a long while.
An interview with a bit of edge is far more enjoyable than the fluff MD has been printing lately. ;-)
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