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Originally Posted by fourstringdrums View Post
Probably the only other mod I may try is shortening a cymbal arm so it can be mounted off a bass drum tom holder.

Well once my Gretschs come in (IF they ever come in..they're supposed to be here today but DHL's tracking isn't updated and due to the "winter storms" we had on WEDNESDAY I may not have it until Monday, if it shows up at all, I'll post some pictures of the completed kit. So you'll have to see them again :)
Tinkering with hardware is addictive. If you have the skill and inclination and a few more tools, I assure you, you'll be doing much more than just shortening cymbal arms. You already show good aptitude and resourcefulness in the improvised hihat holder.

Please do show us your new Gretsches when they come in. I get like a Pavlovian dog when I see a UPS truck, even if it's just next to me in traffic. I imagine it must have some cool drum stuff in there!

I checked out and it's an inspiration. I was moved with the stories of people who drum despite missing limbs, nervous problems and joint conditions. It made me reflect on my own desire and commitment - if an accident or illness like that happened to me tomorrow (and it very well could), would I have the determination to find a way to keep playing drums somehow, some way? Your site should be required reading for all drummers, regardless of ability.
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