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chad smith is the most UNFUNKIEST drummer ive heard ... if youre looking for great funk drummers listen to the drummers for sly and the family stone, PFunk, and what about david garibaldi
Man come on...Chad plays a whole lot different to Pfunk,Parliament,and Sly an the Family Stone...He plays a totally different genre....Funk back then WAS P-FUnk...George Clinton was the master...the man behind it all....but in fairness Chad was primarily a rock drummer,before he went on an joined the Chilis....He listened to Pfunk,they got produced be George he Created his own style.....yknow?

you cant say hes UNFUNKY......Garibaldi is in another league....and Pfunk,Family Stone,Parliament,etc. were all before him....hes different.,..but NOT unfunky?
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