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Default John Bonham ???

It's incredible, where the name of John Bonham appears everywhere spread over the forum - and this is only the first 2 percents:

in the Jeff Indyke thread
in the Billy Ward thread
in the fastest Double Bass Player thread (sic!!)
Drugs us end music (of course)
Introduce yourself (lol!!!!!!)
Tre Cool (bluffffffffff......
Joey Jordison (arrrggghhh.......
Danny Carey
PDP problems
Stuff you will probably never hear.....
Peter Criss
tell me who's the best Metal drummer (double lol)
Meg White (aha!!!!)
Do you sing while playing (...better not)
Anyone Evans EC2 heads....
ching ring hihat tambourines ....why not?
Keith Moon (almost forgotten.....)
Jimmy Chamberlin
Brann Dailor
Virgil Donati
Drums Schools vx. Private Teacher
John Densmore
DW 9000 Pedals (..thats new to me really, because DW didn't exist then....)
The Grand Master Buddy Rich (sorry, he loved only Steve Gadd)
Chris Adler (..not even born then)
My Pearl Export....hmmmm
Dream Singer Duets ( sorry, it's meant Tracy Bonham)
Do people still think Led Zeppelin is overrated???? - what a question

Well, well, I loved this guy once......
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