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I've never heard of metal cutting blades that attached to a power drill. How could it work? Power drills are low speed/high torque and a round blade would make it difficult to control, maybe even a bit dangerous. As I recall, pull rods are 3/16 or 1/4 inch. A hacksaw would go through that in 10 seconds, assuming the rod is in a vise. While a hacksaw is low speed, the blade is straight so you can control it.

There are small grinding stones that attach to hand drills and those are useful. I didn't know you had a hand drill. What all sorts of tools do you have?
I don't have many tools. I have the power drill, and then I do have a hack saw, but the blade is shot, so I'd have to get another one. I don't have a vice. I'm not the handiest guy with tools, hence the lack of them :)
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