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Originally Posted by fourstringdrums View Post
Nope, I have neither...I'm not even sure what you mean by drop saw *lol* :) What are the cheapest tools that I could buy that would still do a pretty good job?
After 20 years of service, my hihat pull rod was bent beyond repair last year and I made a new one. I purchased the cold-rolled steel rod, cut it and threaded it.

But just chopping one down is easier. You'll need a hacksaw to cut the rod. Then you'll need to file or grind down the remaining pull rod so it doesn't scratch you. You can pick up metal files and hacksaws in the discount bin at Ace hardware or the neighborhood dollar store. Really, a drop saw and belt grinder would be overkill for a task like this. You could do it for a couple of bucks in tools and a little elbow grease.

You should have a vise, though. A decent vise is at the heart of any workshop and essential for all sorts of stuff. Are you married? You can justify tool expenditures to the wife if you start fixing stuff around the house. Plus, that will improve your tinkering skills. I've been collecting tools seriously for about 15 years and I'm always trying to fix or make something. Like drumming, it's a fun skill to have and another creative outlet.

I went by a place this afternoon that makes gaskets here in town and they just gave me 10discs, 9 inches in diameter, made of tough flexible rubber about 1/16 of an inch thick. I used a hole punch to put a half-inch hole in the center of each one and they'll go between my cymbals while in transit (I use a Humes & Berg Enduro case and they sometimes rattle against each other). I suppose I could also use the discs as mufflers, or get some more of this material to make my own custom mufflers for drums and cymbals - they're made of the same stuff as the purpose-made mufflers, but they're much, much cheaper and you can make them to your own specifications.
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