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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

Originally Posted by RudimentalDrummer
In Gregg Bisonette Musical Drumming DVD ...Gregg said - Pss.sss Tell you all something ... a Secret..."Speed is not the most important aspect of Drumming .... Keeping Time and playing with the band is"

Luckily - Speed is not the most important. Gregg continue to say ... In ancient time, people dance to the Drums (very true) they don't dance to any other Musical Instruments right ? ... yes.... and so ... Making our Drums Groove is important ... make them bop their heads and wanna dance to your beat ... not speed.

PS: Not the speed is not important - just that it's not the most important aspect of drumming.
For me there are two aspects in this:

a) To double-bass speed maniacs: did you ever see somebody dance to the sound of a lawn-mower???

b) To the lazy-ones: Oh speed is not important, great I don't have to practice regularly anymore, just keep the groove, yeah....

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