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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Anthony Schillaci
age? 21

how long been playing? hmm.... 3 + 4 = 7.. and 6 years on the kit

origin of user name? Curse of Monkey Island LucasArts PC Adventure Game OMGZ

top 5 drummers (or the most influential to me anyways)? influential.. pat wilson(weezer), jimmy vela(recover), brian davis(middlefinger), dave witte, and... that one guy

make of drumkit? oh gosh.. ludwig vistalite field snare "rack tom," pork pie snare, Houston Percussion custom bass drum.. that is paid for but still being built.

make of cymbals? zildjian and sabian

where do you practice? bedroom, my leg, my friend's shoulder, and in my car when i deliver pizza (eighths on the right hand baby!)

are you in a band/s? i was in a ska/metal band called the too-toos.. as the LEAD SINGER! ha... yeah i play around now and then. writing some sad-pop stuff right now.

covers or originals? psssh originals

what style of music? metal, rock, ska, punk, thrash

favourite take out food? chinese

country? republic of texas

one really odd fact about yourself? I am me

how did you start drumming? i played sax in school band (junior high 6th grade), in 7th grade i switched to Bassoon, when i got to high school (9th grade) they said, NO MARCHING BASSOONS OR YOU'LL KILL YOURSELF, so they handed me some mallets and i played in the pit (frontline percussion) in the marching band. we were good! 2nd place in the state of Texas! then i thought one day, it'd be cool to play drums. so i air-drummed for a year and a half before i even played on a kit. first time i played on one was the day i bought it. i already knew how to play (sort of) from air-drumming. so.. yeah.. high school band taught me everything i know.