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I don't like a big hole in the bass drum head - it looks screwy being able to see inside the drum. Yet drums do sound better with internal miking and it's more convenient. I set out to mount my Audo Technica PRO-25 bass drum mic inside my 18 by 18 inch Spirit Dums solid ironwood shell. I showed an earlier version of this at but this is the finished concept. No drilling into the shell was done.

These are the basic mount materials. I got an extra-deep nut to secure the lug and support the mic mount. The mount is 3/8 inch rod with a bolt welded to one end (goes in the lug nut) and bent to 90 degrees and threaded on the other end to accept the brass mic mount adaptor. I painted it black - just felt like it.

This is how the mic is mounted, looking toward the resonant head. After much trial and error and a couple of different sized mounts, I discovered that pointing the mic away from the batter head, toward and just a few inches from the resonant head, produced the fattest sound. I cut four 3/4 inch venting holes in the resonant head and glued black foam behind them, making them practically invisible from the outside. Venting was necessary as the airtight drum overpressured and produced a "piiiiing" sound, similar to slapping an inner tube.

View looking toward batter head, showing wiring through vent hole. I cut the XLR cable and soldered it to a Tip-Ring-Sleeve female socket, sometimes called a stereo-quarter inch. It fits a quarter-inch, but it's really wired like XLR. At the othe end of the cable I soldered a TRS male plug.

Outside view showing TRS plug going into shell. Now, miking the bass drum is as simple as slipping the plug into the socket.

Drumhead showing venting holes. If you look carefully, you may be able to see the four venting holes, located in an arc in the black dragon scales near the bottom of the head. They are invisible under stage lighting.
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