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Default Re: Cutting a hole in the bass drum...How big, etc...

Originally Posted by sabshga View Post
I use a resonant head with no hole. I love the sound. I play rock, funk, R&B, blues and New orleans secpnd line. I agree that the sound can be too boomy so I have been using a Remo Mufflz tone control ring on the resonant side (a foam ring held against the inside of the head by a plastic collar that goes over the bearing edge before you put the head on). This leaves it full sounding but cuts down the ring to a manageable level. To move the air and get the beater to strike properly, I started using the Evans vented head on the batter side. It has tiny holes all around the perimeter of the head. It is a very fat sound, and I don't have any problems with the beater bouncing around on the imapct pad because the vents in the batter head give a good enough amount of room for the air to escape. Finally, regarding mike placement: the batter side gets miked. I love the sound and this is the way I fly after many different combinations over the years.

Regarding the hot coffee can. I don't know if anyone mentioned this but usually you get some stringy pieces of melted pastic adhering to the can when you take it off. It's a good idea to use some sandpaper to clear that stuff away. But as I say, I no longer get involved in this.


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Cheers, mate. I play similar music with my band, and I have a set up where I use the kick with no hole on the resonant head. To cut the boom, I use Simon Philips' method of dampening: just a rolled up towel taped to the drum's wall on the batter side. Would like to use the holed-up Evans batter head for one, though.
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