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Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
I've heard a rumour that the trojan was originally designed as a system admin tool. Unfortunately I'm not really inclined to believe that because of it's seemingly intrusive nature.
Who would make that as a adminastrator's tool? Other than to get into hacked accounts and resecure a connection and repair the account. Whoever told you that must have been mistaken. I have many friends in the computer industry, both in macs and pc's, that have much more knowledge and know-how than me. I have learned much from them, some of them being anti-hackers. They have told me about some of what you have told me. In fact I called one of them and he told me a little more about it. It seems to me (from what he told me) that it would not be a admin tool at all.

EDIT: If you wouldn't have told me about that, my computer actually would of crashed within 2-5 days. It was on my computer for about 2 months. Thanks again.

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