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Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
9 Days unprotected last year on Firefox.

284 Days unprotected on Internet Explorer.

I ran Firefox on Windows, Linux and now OSX and I've never ONCE had any sort of problem with it. You're making a sweeping generalisation based on one experience, which wasn't even the fault of your browser. That'll teach you for looking at dodgy sites!
Haha, dodgy Drummerworld?! Nah, I now have researched it a little more and there was a trojan horse that got through a portthrough firefox and it (or should I say he or she) had got into some internal settings and changed my main IP adress while changing my passwords and completely destroyed and crashed my hard drive. I dont like to use it, but thats just my own personal preference. Im glad Fire fox has been working well with you, just not my choice. I know I sound completely ridiculous when I say this, but I like IE7 way better. I am much more familiar to it and its settings and internal settings that exist deeper into the files. Im sure I could get into the deeper settings of Fire Fox, Im just not sure how to close up some ports or do whatever I may need to do just in case. Anyway, I do greatly respect fire fox, dont get me wrong, its and excellent program, just not my choice.

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