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Default Johnny Rabb ...

... blew the roof off Donn Bennett's Drum Studio the other night.
Hoo Boy ... now I know what all the excitement's about. I wish I could've managed a lesson with him, because I saw a whole lot of stuff that looked do-able, but turned out otherwise when I attempted! I have almost managed the 'both-ends-of-the-sticks-on-the-high-hats' once or twice. His tiny-but-thundering kit was brilliant ... from sitting to standing kit in about 30 seconds.
But, I was totally distracted by the guitarist he had with him ... Paul Allen. Guy is amazing. Puts his bass on a stand, his guitar around his neck, and proceeds to play them both at the same time. Just phenomenal. And ... he plays drums too! The highlight of the evening was when Paul grabbed a snare and some sticks, and they went into a choreographed drum duet. Besides foot-stomping beats, there was synchronized dancing, juggling, stick tossing ... and just a whole lot of fun.
You can count on Donn Bennett to bring in the best of the lot, and these guys didn't disappoint.
I still can't do a double roll, though.
Don't mess with the little lady drummer!!!
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