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1) His approach is that he looks at the big picture of a song and his playing fits how he sees that picture. I think he feels he's able to get into the mind of the other musician(s) and play exactly what they think they want to hear.

2) Vinnie didn't post those clips. It's possible that Vinnie wouldn't post any audio/video of himself. (Psst, look at his own page.)

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And since Vinnie says that he thinks "very visceral and conceptual and wide" when it comes to his playing, I would love to have him elaborate on that in a clinic setting.

And as my final statement to this thread (cause the topic lately is getting old), Has anyone looked at Vinnie's artist page? All this talk of sensationalism and razzle-dazzle and flash, if you look at those clips thats all thats there! Or might there be another name for what he is talking about? Entertainment!!!
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