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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

Originally Posted by X22 View Post
Sub-par? How do you figure it was sub-par? And how is a parody of a song more respectful (in any way) than a cover of a song?
Simply my opinion that the GnR version was sub-par. McCartney's singing was sublime; Axl seemed oblivious to the meaning of the words and sang it like a teenage garage rocker. And as almost any musician will tell you, a parody by Al is a compliment. It is respectful in the meticulous way that the song is reproduced.

Originally Posted by X22 View Post
Hey, I'm no fan of GnR or Axl either, but I wouldn't have made that statement. The same could be said about Weird Al.
You're welcome to your opinion but saying that a Weird Al song is "bound to be sub-par" is simply ridiculous and unsupportable.
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